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DeepRoots is a monthly webcast series featuring some of the foremost operators and brands in the Cannabis Industry. This collaborative venture between Cannabis Business Executive & Ott Growth Advisors provides best practices and strategic insights for cannabis brands and operators to position their businesses for market expansion and growth.

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UPCOMING JUNE 28th Ayr Wellness

How to partner with a MSO as part of your brand expansion strategy. 

Jaime Mendola, Chief Commercial Officer, Ayr Wellnes


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Do Cannabis Brands Really Know Their Customers?

Bethany Gomez, Managing Director of the Brightfield Group 


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Funding Brand Expansion, An Investors Point of View. 

Patrick Rae, Managing Director, Poseidon Asset Management


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New Market Entry Leveraging a License Acquisition Strategy

Erin Gore, CEO The Garden Society


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Best Legal Practices for Brand Expansion

Zander Zagsebski, Clark Hill Law. 

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Best Practices in Brand Expansion: Kiva Confections. 

Kristi Palmer, co-founder Kiva Confections


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Best Practices for IP Brand Licensing

Jacob Pasternack, CEO Binske

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